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HELO II Life Sensing Technology

Wor(l)d Global Network Media Technogoly-HELO is Health and Lifestyle Oracle, more popularly known as HELO Health Oracle, or simply HELO, or HELO LX which is the latest version. Others refer to it as HELO Watch, HELO Smart Watch, HELO smart wristband, HELO fitness tracker, HELO bracelet, HELO health monitor, HELO wearable, HELO life-sensing device, HELO life-saving health device, and HELO gadget.

• HELO is a new wearable device that was designed and engineered to improve your life
• HELO may improve your wellness or well-being
• HELO can apply personal measurements that indicate trends to follow
• HELO monitors your Bio Parameters 24/7
• HELO can read and compare your data and reports
• HELO can monitor and check the signs of your loved ones remotely
• HELO can advise your loved ones your measurements are not in the correct range
• HELO can automatically send an SOS message to the people added in your HELO app with a simple click

HELO LX is the world’s most advanced and complete health-monitoring and early-warning wearable device from the designer of iPhone. It is a revolutionary and unique wellness wristband that helps track your vital signs real-time 24/7 and gives tips and suggestions to improve your health and lifestyle. HELO is like a life-saver, as it is absolutely better to be safe than to get into trouble or dangerous situations which make you feel sorry later. It is for this reason that YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES need HELO more than anything else.