U Say Systems

Asia's Leading Voice of Customer (VOC) Platform

U Say provides a Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback platform. End users are able to provide feedback through beautiful and customizable online feedback forms. Feedback can be given via multiple channels including URL (client uses own device) and a dedicated iOS app (iPad is used is placed in a kiosk / handed to guest). All data collected is instantly uploaded to the cloud, allowing for instant alerts to negative customer experiences. A powerful analytics and reporting suite allows for large amounts of customer feedback to be quickly quantified, analyzed, and understood.
Company Details:
281/19-23, The Work Loft, 3rd – 6th Floor,
Soi Silom 1, Silom Road, Silom Sub-District
Bangkok, Thailand 10500
+66 2 105 4606
[email protected]
Contacts at Digi Travel:
Leny Vergara
Sales Manager
Contacts at Digi Travel:
Yotaka Iewsanurak
Sales Manager
Tim Dean-Smith President

Tim Dean-Smith

What is the biggest trend in digital technology, which will affect the travel & hospitality industry in the following years?

We see block chain technology potentially upending the current OTA dominance that we see in hotel bookings today.

What is the most important challenge travel & hospitality professional will face in the digital era?

Poor experiences, left unidentified and unaddressed by staff can damage a business tremendously. As leaving public online reviews becomes almost second nature to most guests, companies that ignore this new reality risk severe damage to their reputation often resulting in significant financial loss.

What solutions are you planning to present to the Digi.travel delegates and what issues these solutions solve?

Your customers have opinions about your product / service, but most business owners are blissfully unaware of what those opinions are and in many cases even who their customers are. By giving customers a quick and easy way to share their opinions and contact details with you, a clear picture of your weaknesses and opportunities emerges, while at the same time a valuable customer database is populated. By performing instant service recovery in the event of a dissatisfied customer, businesses can better serve their client base and crucially, avoid the ramifications that come with poor online reviews.



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Yotaka Iewsanurak Sales Manager

Yotaka Iewsanurak
Sales Manager

Leny Vergara Sales Manager

Leny Vergara
Sales Manager