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Smartvel builds B2b SaaS Marketing Content Solutions to empower Tourism Authorities in Smart Cities, amaze customers of great companies in the Tourism Industry creating smart content and help develop the next generation of the automobile Connected Car Industry.

Smartvel creates smart agendas of events taking place in a destination with Dynamic Up to Date content, based on unstructured and hard to compile data, combining it with “Places” static content and “Client Content” geolocating all sources to ensure the client has a perfect travel plan.
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Ivan Cintado
VP Sales & Marketing APAC
Ivan Cintado VP Sales & Marketing APAC

Ivan Cintado
VP Sales & Marketing APAC

What is the biggest trend in digital technology which will affect the travel & hospitality industry in the following years?

BEcoming relevant. Call it personalisation, call it tailor-made offers or call it unique travellers experience. In any case, the industry needs to work towards 2 things. 1) collect information of users and understand the customers’ journey, tastes and preferences. (Most of the biggest travel brands are already moving in this direction) and 2) Offering them relevant information. Being relevant is the only path if we want to inspire and motivate them to book with us. For doing this, we need relevant and up-to-date content properly structured.

What is the most important challenge travel & hospitality professional will face in the digital era?

The challenge is being able to embrace adaptability and to cater for an ever greater segmentation of the market. Consumers are now better informed, are often unpredictable regardless of the greater presence of analytics, and while brand loyalty is there, their expectations are so high that change is always a possibility. To maintain reputation, and succeed in engaging with clients remains as the goal, and the winners will be those who manage to listen, nurture their client’s experiences and truly understand the meaning of client orientation.

What solutions are you planning to present to the delegates and what issues these solutions solve?

Smartvel aims to become the global reference in digital destination content. If any brand in the travel & hospitality industry wants to enrich their customers’ experience through relevant and up-to-date content about what their destinations have to offer, we will be more than happy to chat about our marketing content solutions.